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My Life as a Freight Train

by Free Criminals

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released March 1, 2013



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Free Criminals Toronto, Ontario

Post-hardcore from the heart of Scarborough, Ontario

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Track Name: Freight Train
I am an overturned bus wreck
The kind of mind that could change in an instant
Don't really care what it is, cause what isn't it?
Take me away to a tattered and soulless place
I'm the smirk that you wear all day
I'm the time you forgot to waste
I'm the reason you fake your simpler tastes

Red coat, big shades,
She's a killer every day she reminds me
Back seat, full moon,
Howling all night till the morning light sends us home

I am a loaded shotgun
And my fingers getting the itch
I end every sentence with "it is what it is."
God Damn!

All hell has broken loose
I am a fucking freight train
I am a motherfucking freight train
Track Name: Jerry Was a Technician
You've only got six months to live
Before it pulls you under
I look him straight in the eyes
He's astronomically reduced
White skin on frail bones
If there's life then we'll take it from you
From the needle to the bloodstained bed
You'll never shake the death from your head
Ride on the wings of our empty promises

Jerry come home! There's talk of recovery
You're all right!
Jerry come home! There's talk of recovery
You'll live!

We're feeding lies to the hopeful
Your final days will be memorable

Jerry come home! There's talk of recovery
All right!
Checkbooks out, there's talk of a funeral!

And no one really gets it
No one wins this game
If everyone's so fucking different
Why do we treat them all the same?
Now there's time enough to settle our affairs
But there's no time left to hurt

Your odds have never looked so good
Smile I say!
Remission! Remission!
Looks like you're gonna be okay
Your odds have never looked so good
Smile I say!
Diminish! Diminish!
Jerry says he'll never be okay
He pissed six months away
Track Name: Bill Cylinder
You said, you said don't do it
As I fed my soul to the dogs
If you are the timepiece, I am stone, I am stone!
And I've been looking for another one to waste away
But I don't think I like the way that you taste today
Smell of smoke is thick in my hair
First sign of fire and you're running scared

Running scared!
Oh yeah!

If you're gonna lie to her
Damn right, you better hide those fucking teeth boy
There's blood in your mouth!
Roll it up like it's the last time
Shotgun faith brother, breath your lifeline
Damn right, they're gonna see you sweat
So let's shake, shake, shake, shake,
Shake the day away!

You said don't bet on faded hearts
The head rush is tearing us apart
I say it's too late now to start
Head fucked, we shouldn't think so hard
The comedown will kill you where you are
Head rush it, tears us apart!
Track Name: Past the Grey
What part of no didn't you understand?
I'd rather sell my soul than grab ahold of your hand
I put the fear in your heart, you put the thought in my mind
Promise I'll leave you alone while I'm robbing you blind
Oh you thought I'd brighten up your life
But it's just the glow from the edge of the knife!
I really wish that I could love like I used to do
But I can't shake all these awful things I wanna do to you

I got a feeling that we'll never lock eyes again
After the killing and everything
I'm kinda hoping that we fall off the earth sometime soon
I'm pounding tablets for the new world order, sometimes I can't see past the grey

We must have set the sky on fire
We started running for cover now we're under the wire
I'm pleading ignorance with the blood on my sleeve
You called me up to bitch and then you begged me to leave
Oh there's something buried in my skin
It's like a worm in my brain, It keeps on tunnelling in
And I can't fucking stop, no I can't fucking stop
Break through the serenity with the sound of a shot

I swear I tried to change my ways
But I think I kinda like it this way
So I think I'll feed the beast tonight
Track Name: Rough Operator
All that time we spend pulling out our hair
But I do not deny what it was,
And what it was was explosive!
We strung love through a time-bomb
So dance or die!
Dance like 4321

I swore I'd never get involved, with the shit you swore you'd create
I'll be damned!
Still see me sneaking down the hall, at five o'clock in the morning
God damn!
What is this place, that we have built?
What a mess!
One more black eye, and no more guilt
I'm out!